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Project Guitars And Basses

Here are my completed project guitars.  These are the first instruments that I ever made!

The StormBringer Electric Bass was the first instrument for me to build.  While I was a semi-pro player in the 1960's, the only guitar I have kept all these years is a 1968 Gibson J-45.  I was a Bass Player for a number of bands, so when the bug bit me, I built myself a Bass!

The MournBlade Electric Guitar was a project for me to have a Blues Guitar to play and learn more about the Blues on.

The MournBlade Junior Electric Guitar was a design I did for my children for Christmas 1998.

My current project guitars are listed below.  Please visit each page to see what's up with each individual project.

The DreadNought Project is the Martin-Style DreadNought steel-string acoustic guitar that I am building in the Guitar Making class that I am taking at Orange Coast College.

The Vintage Electric Guitar Project is the Telecaster-Style electric guitar that I am currently preparing to offer kit components for.

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Last modified: November 17, 2013